you just saved yourself form a lot of headaches

The journey isn’t over yet, but you have come a long way and I praise you for that. It takes courage and a lot of critical thinking to get to this stage of the process. You have avoided a bunch of clutter in this market space.

I trust you have learned enough to make an informaed decision

Now it is time for you to take action!

This is our plan of action:

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As we speak, we are capped to only 3 installations per week and with the demand growing, our availability is getting scarce.

That is without mentioning the solar stock shortage South Africa is constantly facing.

Rather act now than later…
We will guide you through our process.


Our installations currently generate more than 8,795,700Wh every month!

I know some of you are still hesitant, but go through these questions if you are unsure about what path to take:

Do you want to run the risk of faulty installations?

What will happen if you get the “luck” of the draw with a faulty product?

What will happen if you aren’t happy with your installation, and you feel like you made the wrong choice?

Will you get the support you need if something goes wrong?

These are all things we take into account because they cause people massive headaches. 

Like I said before; we want to remove the risk involved in purchasing a solar system. 

With all this in mind… Have a look at our offer again and see if it will be a fit for you.


Not happy? Get all your money back

We will give you a full refund up to 30 days after the complete installations if you are not happy with your purchase.

only 20% deposit required

We only require an initial deposit of 20% to secure your installation. This applies to 5kW, 8kW, and 10kW solar systems.

substitute equipment

If any of the main components are faulty, we provide temporary replacements while we handle the situation with our suppliers.

Other bonusses

in-depth Reviews

8kW Deye Solar System
Michael Bennet - "Contacted Repower to provide a quote for a full solar system. Received a Call from Ivan and received very professional feedback on what the best route would be to go and accepted the quote. Site visit was done and a plan was made. Installation happened quickly and very professionally. Received exceptional workmanship and everything was triple checked by multiple team members. Highly recommend them as a installer. After sales contact has also been great making sure I am happy and that everything is working as it should."
8kW Deye Solar System
Tom Sawyer - "Very professional, stunning cleaning after each day's work, will recomed to all that are looking for a good solar system, Ivan and Zander are extremely knowledgeable. Tom Sawyer 6th"
8kW Deye Solar System
Sergey Reznichenko - "In the end of 2022 I made up my mind to install a solar panels + invertor + battery system to combat the load-shedding and immediately started to look around. There are many companies on the market who install such system but I found Re-Power the most professional in terms of commitments, reaction speed and competitiveness. The system was installed and commissioned in just 2 days and for 2.5 months I had no issues and completely forgot about load-shedding. I would highly recommend Re-Power as a solar system installation contractor."
10kW Deye Solar System
Lindie van Tonder - "We had a great experience with Repower SA. They are professionals and respond immediately when we had any queries.Very happy with their service, and now with stage 6, we are so glad we installed solar when we did! Would definitely recommend them to anyone who is considering installing solar."
5kW Deye Solar System
Jan Erasmus - "I hereby endorse the services of Repower. From contacting them for a quote to a fully installed solar system took about 2 weeks. Most impressive was client-provider communication - everything went according to plan and I was continually kept informed about installation dates, deliveries, back-checks, etc. as well as post-installation communication. I also love the app where I can monitor my own production and usage. I can highly recommend the services of Repower."

on your marks, get set, Go solar!

  1. Fill in the quick form
  2. Receive a free consultation call
  3. Get a preliminary quote

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